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David Meng, Chief Technology & Marketing Officer. David has over 17 years of global business, technology and manufacturing executive experience. Prior to his current role, he founded and served as Chief Executive Officer at Spectra Optronics International, an advanced clean technology company specializing in LED products purpose-built for general illumination.
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Join Us at CES 2018!

Posted by David Meng on December 8, 2017
Join us at these locations to see a world of wireless power
solutions at your fingertips
Renaissance Hospitality Suites | SUITE #432
Adjacent to the South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center
AirFuel Alliance Booth | BOOTH #40140
Sands Expo Convention Center
ON Semiconductor Exhibitor Suite | SUITE: MURANO 3302
Sands Expo Convention Center Hospitality Suites

Act now to arrange your meeting & private demos
Come meet us and learn hands-on about our mission to change wireless power delivery for the future. Schedule a meeting with us to see demonstrations of our products and learn about how we are transforming the way users wirelessly charge their devices in the consumer, medical and automotive industries.
PowerSphyr Inc. 4115 Blackhawk Plaza Circle, Suite 100 Danville CA 94506 USA


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The Consumer Has Spoken: Recharging Devices With Cables or Wires Is A Hassle

Posted by David Meng on January 5, 2017

Consumers believe that charging wireless devices with a cord or cable remains a real inconvenience, but they also believe help may be on the way soon. According to the latest independent consumer survey conducted by the AirFuel™ Alliance, 93% of consumers say that the technology to wirelessly charge devices will be a reality in the next three years. (Please click here to download the survey).

In fact, that solution - PowerSphyr's next-generation wireless charging system called SkyCurrent - is coming to market later this year, but more on that later. 


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