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Having It Both Ways: Near-Field And Far-Field Wireless Power

Posted by Neil Ganz on January 18, 2017

At the recent Wireless Power Summit in Seattle, there was a lot of buzz about whether it was possible to combine near-field and far-field technologies into a single solution to deliver wireless power to battery-operated electronic devices. 

As it turns out, the answer is absolutely yes – and most of the industry didn’t see it coming. 

We know it can be done because that’s the news we broke today and at the Summit. We’ve overcome the technical hurdles to do what many never thought possible. We’re able to deliver a rapid charge with near-field and a slower, trickle charge via far-field – all in the same unit and without a cord or cable. 

The impact of this technical breakthrough has the potential to change the wireless power industry as we know it today. 


Topics: SkyCurrent, Wireless power delivery


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